US PATENT US-2014-0007538-AI


The USPO Notice of Publication Masthead
How odd it feels to first see one’s name on the US Patent Office Letterhead.

Great news! My colleague Farzana Gandhi, (posthumously Michele Bertomen), and I just received our Notice of Publication of Application from the US Patent Office. The “Interface Bracket for Attachment of Recycleable Vessels and Roofing Material Made Using the Same” is one step closer to its full patent.

This reflects several years of research work supported by NYIT. The administration has helped us through the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (OSPAR) by granting us two Institutional Support for Research and Creativity (ISRC) Grants over the last three years. (2011 and 2013). Also the NYIT School of Architecture and Design Faculty has made sure we have the electives and space to make these efforts fruitful.

It also reflects a ton of help from our students. They certainly provided a much needed push to this Fall 2013 Kickstarter Campaign to get our first pallets fabricated. They also have offered endless creative inspiration and energy when these professors felt overwhelmed.

Can’t wait to report more news in the coming months!