Upcoming Lecture at NYIT School of Architecture

Simulating Paradoxes at NYIT

Save the date. Prof. Mathew Ford and I will be presenting our ACSA paper — Simulating Paradoxes — at the NYIT School of Architecture and Design on February 2nd, 2016.

I know that’s after the holidays, but there are some great reasons to join us for an evening full of important history, provocative ideas, and lively discussion.

The paper is a long time coming. We aimed to write it since attending the 2012 Yale Symposium “Is Drawing Dead?” It answers that question with a resounding “No.*”

The lecture will lay out the “why” of this answer. It will show how advances in technology have only solidified drawing as a critical medium by elaborating the benefits of drawings, tenfold. The heart of most designers’ confusion is the two different ways we use computational tools — to either simulate or to represent. Once one grasps the difference between a 3D Representation of Architecture, and a Simulation of that same building, one can have confidence about the new kinds of tools coming online, and how designers will always be drawing for decades to come.

We know that Mr. William West has agreed to present with us. His work with Programma is a big piece of the future of architectural design, so it’s humbling to share the stage with him.

We also know that Mr. George Kontaroudis will present with us. He’s an architect at Morris Adjmi Architects who has given welcome input as we polished the paper.

The event will present a bright, open-minded, potential-oriented look at the tools 21st Century designers have at the ready. Please let me know if you care to attend — or better still — RSVP with Jennifer Mitchell at jmitchel@nyit.edu.