Tenured Professor

I serve as Associate Professor of Architectural Technology at the New York Institute of Technology’s School of Architecture and Design. Among many other responsibilities, this appointment aids the school’s adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Parametric Modeling technologies into the curriculum. The appointment of tenure rewarded a very busy academic career over the last decade, where I have written several new courses from scratch and update the content of dozens of others.

Some of the research I’m executing with NYIT is documented in the ARCHITECTURAL RESEARCH section of this site.

I also teach a graduate course (ARCH 2226b – Design Computation) in the Yale School of Architecture. The course introduced students to model-based design techniques by first teaching architecture students how to code in Processing (JAVA). That course content can be found at the Design Computation web site.

I also enjoyed an adjunct position in the New York School of Interior Design’s graduate program. Recently, I taught two sections of the MFAIID 636:Construction Documents II course, which required the development of new curriculum.

In the several years I have taught a spectrum of both studios and seminars — including the following courses:

ARCH 221 – Building Construction I ARCH 222 – Building Construction II ARCH 272 – Environmental Site Planning (5)
ARCH 291 – Intermediate BIM Analysis (4) ARCH 291 – Parametric Performance I ARCH 291 – Parametric Performance II
ARCH 291 – Digital Fabrication Techniques ARCH 327 – Construction Documents* (10) ARCH 423 – Project Integration Studio (3)
ARCH 481 – Professional Practice ARCH 501 – Thesis Research Studio ARCH 502 – Thesis Design Studio
ARCH 2221b – Computational Design MFAID 136 – Introduction to Revit MFAID 636 – Construction Documents II (3)