Working with Helpern Architects

The DeVinne Press Building (399 Lafayette Street) is the 1880’s Manhattan commercial building that houses Helpern Architects. Also, things are looking up.

This week, my BIM consulting business has me visiting with the good folks at Helpern Architects. They’ve already made the investment to train some of their staff in BIM workflows, and are looking for BIM consultants to helpĀ deliver a few large projects.

It’s great to see this. The last few years have been really rough for many architects — it has been disheartening to see so many classmates lose work, and so many students graduate to find the leanest job market in 30 years.

But Helpern appears to be leading the charge to better times. Like many other NYC firms, Helpern’s clients are approaching their architects with big plans for the next few years. Hooray. For our students. For BIM consultants. For the profession. For our economy. Here’s to the ability to make better plans and stop compromising so much.

(If you’re interested in how good the last year has been for architects — check out this recentĀ US Bureau of Labor Statistics report.)