Starting at GLUCK+ (Trade Sets and an alternate path)

Gluck+ Facade Pattern

Design/Build project delivery methods offer a ton of benefits to both architects and their clients. Architects skilled and interested enough to deliver services on the construction site are all the more informed the next time they sit at the drafting board. Clients who hire these architects don’t lose invested project knowledge when a set is handed over to a third-party contractor.

This is a big reason why I love consulting at Gluck+. They have asked me to do something no other NYC firm has — to help them hack BIM workflows to deliver trade sets. The firm ignores the standard AIA Set Organization in favor of drawings that help them organize labor on their own job sites, and I assume, under their own contracts. I respect that they have found a profitable path by thinking through not just the product, but also the process.

Every time I do so, it has been rewarding to work with a firm that spends so much care thinking about how it does business. What an added benefit, then, to also think that the work is pretty cool looking, too.