Working with SHoP Architects

Crown of the Woolworth Building
A great bonus for visiting SHoP’s offices is that the firm is based in one of NYC’s most famous skyscrapers.

Today, I lead my last BIM-training session at SHoP Architects for a few months. Over the last week-and-a-half, it was my pleasure to organize a fast-paced and immersive Building Information Modeling (BIM) Orientation Session — with some very sharp folks. If you’ve ever met Benjamin Parker, Chris SooHoo, Cortez Crosby, John Cunningham, Josh Feldman, Lauren Raab, or Marissa Marterana, you know what I mean.

I continue to admire the product of that office. It is easy to appreciate how that firm’s designs reflect a improved view of “architecture as problem solving” — financially, tectonic-ly, and organizationally.

It has been interesting to watch their non-standard approach to BIM-management. The firm did not hire a single BIM Manager (like an IT guy in most medium or large architecture firms). Instead, they have named a “Revit Task Force” to manage their modeling templates, approach, and issues.

Their Task Force has smart people manning the decks; I have gone to school with, or taught alongside a few members. When you put such careful folks a central position, only good things happen. It will be informative to see if other firms follow the same Task Force structure — so we can later learn if the people, or the approach to BIM management really worked well in this case.

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