Paddle8 online auction for Station – 01

Wow. I am so honored to tell you about more big news associated with my participation in the Lumen Prize Exhibition. The organizers do something pretty special, and asking participants if they are willing to contribute artwork to a charity auction to benefit children in war-stricken countries.

The auction is organized by Paddle 8, and more information can be found here.

Now for one of the most touching parts. Paddle8’s Curator, Luke Murphy, has taken time to write thoughtful observations about each of the pieces in the auction. His thoughts create context for those considering a bid, and also speak about the Lumen Prize’s mission — to explore how digital art is creating value in the 21st Century. Here’s what he wrote about Station 01 (one of my pieces shown…):

Jason van Nest, Station 01, 2013
In its quiet way, this may be the most successful piece in the collection. The apparent banality of the image slowly gives way to the realization that no one is in the picture – in fact the desertion seems at odds with all the other information the picture carries and this produces a kind of anxiety that is difficult to locate. When we read that it represents a construction of multiple images taken over a set time with the intent to remove evidence of living souls, we are confronted with a combination of issues to parse. We clearly still believe in the truth of photographic imagery, in spite of what we know is clearly possible and so that seamlessness in an image that gives us some kind comfort is based on a fiction. We are left wondering if we are attracted to the emptiness of the image, the quiet it evokes as if a strange respite in the course of a normal busy day in Harlem, or the knowledge that it is the product of commercial software and the power that that brings to reconstitute experience in any way we see fit.

… these are especially kind words, and appreciated. They speak to the mechanisms of the series, and expand on ideas I have only begun to explore beyond the urban commentary. When I read this earlier today, I was left blinking at the screen.

It’s great to see that Station 01 already has Not all the pieces have recieved bids yet. There’s still time to bid…