Open Studios Presentation at Byrdcliffe

Open Studios - The Begining of the Evening

I was an artist presented a few days ago at the Byrdcliffe Open Studios. It was a exciting, loving, and humbling experience.

The premise of my Byrdcliffe Fellowship, and my subsequent work, is that architectural documents are an invaluable resource for forming a cause-oriented non-profit organization. Specifically, architectural products can be used to build a Board of Directors, to advance fundraising objectives, to galvanize volunteers for the mission, and ultimately to win the support of a community.

So, participating in an Open Studio presentation is a pretty big first test of that premise. A whole crowd of New Yorkers took their Friday evening to take a look at the materials. They had questions. They wanted to know more about the research methods. They questioned the certainty of some conclusions.

In the end, the drawings, renderings, and simulations did a pretty good job of convincing folks who started skeptically. That was the gratifying part. But also, they had some very probing, informed, and skillful questions, too. That was the humbling part. This project has more to achieve. And I feel like it also has good direction from the evening. What else could you ask for from a bunch of lovely strangers?