Madison Square, NYC -- from the Collage (No) City Series
Madison Square, NYC — from the Collage (No) City Series

Amazing news! My work has been selected for inclusion in this year’s Lumen Prize Exhibit! Inclusion in an international exhibit with so many other renowned artists is an unexpected professional honor!

The selected work started with a friendly debate advanced with another professor. We disagreed about the essential qualities that make good urban spaces. To advance a few observations, I spent part of January of 2013 photographing several plazas in New York City. Hundreds of those photographs were then collaged into a series of six “portraits” of urban spaces. As a winking to 70’s urban theory, the series is called “Collage (No) City.”

It was hard to put together! Each composition is composed of dozens of still photos — taken as people circulate through the space. I then collaged the “empty” parts of each image into a final landscape — of an utterly empty urban spaces. The resulting image is just public space, without people.

The series intends to reveal each space in an otherwise unattainable state; though perfect, these are not ideal. The series creates identity issues for architecture and urban planning by calling into question their materiality, presence, and aspect.

I’m not sure how many pieces will be included this Fall as the Exhibition travels from London, to NYC, then Hong Kong, and beyond. Hopefully there’s more to report soon!