LUMEN Panel Discussion

Microphone before a series of empty chairs

As part of my participation in the Lumen Prize Exhibition, I’ve been invited to speak in a Panel Discussion to be held in concert with the New York show.

The discussion is entitled “Technology, the Creative Process, and How to Value Digital Art.” It is scheduled for November 5th (12:30 PM), at Gallery 61 (16 West 61st Street, New York, NY.)

We’ve been invited to talk on some pretty big topics. Preparation materials include requests about “Does technology drive the creative process or is it the other way around?” “Do artists need to understand the technology they use to create their works?” and “How are collectors and museums valuing digital art?”

Carla Rapoport, the CEO of the Lumen Prize Exhibition, will moderate the chat between me, Professor Lynn Rogoff (Green Kids Media), and Giovanni Santamaria. Please stop by if you’re in town!