General-Practice Architect

I am a licensed architect working in New York City. Most of my architectural pursuits are handled through my small architectural design firm, Mobilis in Mobili, that was formed in 2007 for professional activity. Currently, Mobilis is engaged in the design of :

  1. The Doric House – a speculative Michigan mansion (based on the Doric Order);
  2. The Truss House – a Hudson Valley weekend house with dramatic structural constraints; and
  3. The Ductile Conservatory – a library and performance space formed from reinterpretations of Gothic architecture.

Since 2007, Mobilis has also been retained for architectural services concerning several Brooklyn townhouses, consultation for theater designs, two architectural competitions, and work with the NYC Department of Buildings.

I have worked as an architect in New York since earning my graduate degree in 2005. Pre-license work at H3 includes designing and developing construction documents for several buildings in the New York area. In the those years, I was lucky enough to help design a courthouse, an historic pier, two restaurants, an academy of science, and six theaters; H3 specializes in theater design.

I have worked in architectural firms in Atlanta, New York, and Key West. I have also helped build over fifty homes with the Atlanta Chapter of Habitat for Humanity and with a construction firm on the Upper East Side of New York City.