Back to see old friends…

The Cornice of a recent Helpern Architects commision

A colleague and I were called back to an old client’s office today — we revisited the folks at Helpern Architects.

There’s talk of a new commission. It is big. It is exciting. And, you can hear the love and care they harbor when they talk about the future.

We get a seat at the table because they see technology as an investment (and not every firm thinks that way). These folks want to use all the tools we helped them use — on a last project. But this time they want to REALLY take advantage of these new abilities. The whole nine yards. All the bells and whistles.

They’re leaning in.

It’s fun to be around when your colleagues lean in. Everyone is paying attention. The real fun is about to start. We look forward to helping build something at that firm that lasts, and changes the way we¬†look at our work.