Another School Year Begins – but each is a little different

My teaching schedule for the Fall has been set for some time now. And its pretty encouraging that a elective I wrote last Spring Survey of Parametric Design Tools for Architects has filled to capacity and has another semester to waitlist. I think I love teaching that class.

Part of the reason it brings such joy is because the topics overlap my research so well. Below is a snip from the syllabus’ Course Description:

The course inspects how computational systems have emerged as a keystone in architectural design during the last decades. Case studies will document how these tools engaged architectural research, and resulted in new Project Delivery techniques.

Investigations will highlight two main areas in the development of computer aided design: [1] the production of the geometry and topology of designed objects (representation) and [2] the use of knowledge to support or carry the synthesis of designs (simulation).

The course posits that the first category relates to the general-use of-the-shelf CAD tools that aim to increase the production efficiency (or to automate design and drafting activities). In contrast, the second category offers novel approaches that aid to the design process and elaborate design ideas…

Both the middle and final paragraphs could be copied-and-pasted right from the ACSA paper we’re presenting next month. Anyone can teach a Grasshopper or Processing course. Indeed, they’re online, and scattered all over Lynda or YouTube. But this class marries theory and skillsets in a way I’ve seen few graduate courses pull off. For that, I love teaching this course.