Another “Coordinators Training” starts next week…


I love my job. I get to train a variety of folks at all kinds of design firms in new architectural technologies. Building Information Modeling, specifically, is a tool I can share that gives early-career and mid-career professionals a boost towards their goals.

It is too easy to say my favorite calls are for “Designer Level” training, where I work with fresh-out-of-school employees in architecture firms. This group is composed of quick studies. They already have a model-based way of thinking about design problems from Rhino, Sketchup, or Max. They immediately see how BIM will make them more productive, and thus, more potent.

In “Designer Level” training, the atmosphere in the room is joyful, and sometimes giddy. The participants are quick to laugh at my (pretty bad) jokes. They feel free. They feel empowered.

The “Coordinator Level” training tends to feel sober, in comparison. These folks know how BIM works at a documents level, and they already face a lot of responsibility on their teams. Their questions drive straight to intermediate- and advanced-level issues. They’re checking their email while you present familiar tools. They have a meeting later.

Coordinators are the best test of value for any BIM Consultant. These professionals walk in the room on Day One with a list of hard questions, based on current projects. If things go well, you’re at a manager’s desk later in the morning fixing those problems.

Coordinators also know when a software feature is BS. They are quick to ask “When would I use this?” not out of hostility, but as a pragmatic concern.

This my be why “Coordinator Level” training offers long-term satisfaction for this consultant. It is a pleasure to work with folks who really know their stuff. It is rewarding to make a central team member more productive. Their thanks at the end of the training reflects a whole team’s progress.