Accepted to Byrdcliffe! Artist Fellowship in Woodstock, NY


Wow. Great news arrived in an email this afternoon. I am one of the artists selected for an 2015 Byrdcliffe Fellowship!

I wasn’t sure my application even had a chance. As an architect, applying to a foundation that caters to visual artists and composers, I thought I might just get sorted out by dint of having the wrong title. I’m very grateful that the selection committee gave my application a second look!

I’m planning to spend part of the summer in Woodstock, NY now. The Fellowship is awarded for June and July of 2015 to explore the architectural contributions and benefits in designing a 21st Century Artist Colony.

To give you a little idea of the project, here is the wording I used to describe the project that is central to the Fellowship:

This application is to begin the technical design of a future artist colony – planned for construction in the New England area. The product of this work will be drawings, models, and renderings. These will be the promotional materials used to advance fundraising for the new colony.

Urgently needed are specific kinds of design representations: “display drawings” to communicate campus planning (and building types) to donors, and “technical plans” to help generate accurate cost estimates for construction fundraising. In the future, a “site model” will illustrate scope in fundraising visits and for general display in a promotional office, and a “construction model” will communicate the mass-customized construction system adopted to regularize construction costs – and keep them low. The construction model will result in a web-based video to animate sequence and illustrate the construction effort. Professional renderings communicate the emotional appeal and spirit of the venture.

The applicant is an artist that has enjoyed Fellowships at other artist colonies. He serves on the Board at such a colony. He is an architect that will serve on the board of the planned colony.