During my MacDowell Colony Fellowship, I began to design a series of houses that used parametric design techniques to provide a contemporary interpretation of John Ruskin’s aesthetic theories. The five houses I designed there are the “Ruskin Houses” R-01, R-02, R-03… and so on.

This summer, I explored ideas for R-25 through R-34. R-26 used SIPs. R-30 featured a CNC-ed structure. Pictured are explorations for the structural system for R-34, which will have integral attachments for the morphing cladding system.

If all goes according to plan, one of these will get built next summer…

Big Ideas.


In several public presentations, Philosopher Daniel Dennett has offered his own description of a path to happiness. He advises to “Find something more important than you are and dedicate your life to it.”

Lewis Hyde sketches similar path to happiness in his book The Gift. He notes how artists are awakened by the work of a master, and how that awakening compels artists to labor at a discipline until they can contribute something that perpetuates the work into other hearts.

Happiness sounds like hard work.

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