Teaching Architecture with Virtual Reality Tools

One day, I look forward to teaching an architecture studio that won’t look at all like today’s coursework. This studio of the not-to-distant future will see each student bring their own Virtual Reality (VR) glasses, and homework will have them use Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) techniques to explore their ideas. There will just be a lot more looking around.

Desks will still be messy. Students will still have to make physical models in this studio. Gravity is a unforgiving collaborator. Materials create their own dialogues. Connections are the soul of creative expression.

It turns out that this hopeful day is going to be foreshadowed this semester! Indeed, I’m getting a taste of it next week!

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Proposing VR classes for Architecture Students

VR Course Proposal

I’ve spent a few days composing a proposal for a VR-for-architects class at NYIT. I just sent the proposal to the Associate Dean, and I don’t know what part I’m more excited about. The course textbook is Robin Evan’s wonderful project, The Projective Cast. Just talking about those chapters for 16 weeks is interesting enought. But the course only needs a few thousand dollars of equipment to run – that makes me hopeful that we really have a chance to do something unique at our institute.

Here’ the big parts. There isn’t a sentence in the sample that doesn’t sound so cool that I would want to take the course myself!

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