Tenure-Track Professor

I was appointed Assistant Professor of Architectural Building Technology at the New York Institute of Technology’s School of Architecture and Design in Spring, 2011 (after serving as a Visiting Professor the year before). Among many other responsibilities, this appointment will aid the school’s adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM) into the curriculum. The appointment rewarded a very busy academic year in which I taught new SEVEN classes — where I’ve introduced new technology into the curriculum.

Some of the research I’m executing with NYIT is documented in the ARCHITECTURAL RESEARCH section of this site.

I also teach a graduate course (ARCH 2226b – Design Computation) in the Yale School of Architecture. The course introduced students to model-based design techniques by first teaching architecture students how to code in Processing (JAVA). That course content can be found at the Design Computation web site.

I also enjoyed an adjunct position in the New York School of Interior Design’s graduate program. Recently, I taught two sections of the MFAIID 636:Construction Documents II course, which required the development of new curriculum.

In the several years I have taught the following courses:

ARCH 221 – Building Construction I ARCH 222 – Building Construction II ARCH 272 – Environmental Site Planning (5)
ARCH 291 – Intermediate BIM Analysis (4) ARCH 291 – Parametric Performance I ARCH 291 – Parametric Performance II
ARCH 291 – Digital Fabrication Techniques ARCH 327 – Construction Documents* (10) ARCH 423 – Project Integration Studio (3)
ARCH 481 – Professional Practice ARCH 501 – Thesis Research Studio ARCH 502 – Thesis Design Studio
ARCH 2221b – Computational Design MFAID 136 – Introduction to Revit MFAID 636 – Construction Documents II (3)