Paper Accepted to the ACSA Fall Conference!

In the Spring of 2015, Prof. Ford and I prepared two abstracts for the 2015 ACSA Fall Conference (themed “Between the Autonomous & Contingent Object”). The two abstracts were intended to take debating positions about the role of simulation in architecture, and both positions advanced the debate-style organization of the conference. One abstract was named “Simulating Paradoxes.” The other was named “Simulating Criticality.”

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Open Studios Presentation at Byrdcliffe

Open Studios - The Begining of the Evening

I was an artist presented a few days ago at the Byrdcliffe Open Studios. It was a exciting, loving, and humbling experience.

The premise of my Byrdcliffe Fellowship, and my subsequent work, is that architectural documents are an invaluable resource for forming a cause-oriented non-profit organization. Specifically, architectural products can be used to build a Board of Directors, to advance fundraising objectives, to galvanize volunteers for the mission, and ultimately to win the support of a community.

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For the third time this month, we’ve set the alarm for 4:00 AM, and struck out into the night to catch sunrise atop Overlook Mountain. Most mornings clouds conspired to our East and the sun rose unannounced behind a purple curtain.

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Construction Sequence Model (Still Working on It)

Here’s a little peek at some of the Byrdcliffe-focused research. It is a video of the assembly of a construction model. I’m still tweaking the design of the artist studio… but this model studies how the building might first be fabricated in chuncks off site, and assembled quickly on prepared land. This work involves ideas started in collaborations with SHoP Architects (also introduced in my coursework of ARCH 476) and a close reading of the work of Kieran Timberlake (concerning prefabrication, assembly, trade sets, etc.).

Summertime Night Hike

Byrdcliffe Moon Hike

The other night, most of the Byrdcliffe Fellows decided to head off towards Overlook Mountain for a night hike. Fellow James Adelman brought his camera. There was a full moon. We could hike without flashlights, hopping over brooks and logs — even in the ambient darkness that stuck under the tree canopy.

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Summer Travel – Byrdcliffe Fellowship (and beyond)

A Cabin in the Woods

I’m already off to a summer of research, testing ideas, and re-jiggering assumptions. There’s no better place to do that than in the woods – with very little internet access.

After the Fellowship, we’re traveling further afeild to research more land. Further afield is even more distant from 21st Century communications technologies.

Please forgive any delay in messages that result.