Board meetings and the meaning of life.


New York City is a place where folks frequently get bumped, jostled, and knocked. It happens on the streets. It happens in the offices. It really happens everywhere people strive.

But sometimes, the Fates smile on this New Yorker so warmly:

[1] As a function of being elected as the MacDowell Colony’s Fellows Executive Committee President, I have the honor to serve on the Colony’s Board of Directors.

[2] In several public presentations, Philosopher Daniel Dennett has offered his own description of the meaning of life. Paraphrasing, he advises to find something “bigger than you,” and to dedicate your actions to that purpose, that idea, or that inspiration.

I share an admiration for the brave, risky, and painful action of creation. It is a pleasure to sit in a roomful of souls that know how precious that action is. And to collaborate.

Its fun to know and work with the New Yorker who owns the licenseplate “GIVE2ART.”